2015 Rocky Mtn. Energy Summit
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2015 Rocky Mtn. Energy Summit

Posted on August 06, 2015 by Drew Franklin


Join us at the 2015 Rocky Mountain Energy Summit in Denver, CO! The Rocky Mountain Energy Summit Conference has evolved since its inception in 1989 to be a nationally-recognized event for industry stakeholders. The conference is the longest running conference of its kind and distinguishes itself by inspiring positive engagement and change in our industry. 

Over the last four years, we’ve averaged approximately 2,000 participants. Unlike for-profit industry conferences, all monies raised by this conference go back to the industry in the form of legislative, legal, and grassroots efforts that are at the core of COGA’s mission. After 26 years, this conference maintains a reputation for delivering thought provoking content and the best industry networking opportunity in the Rockies.

World energy dynamics are changing with ever growing rapidity. Join us at the 27th Annual Rocky Mountain Energy Summit to examine the Global Energy Puzzle. Over three days, we will identify the myriad pieces of this dynamic puzzle and explore how they weave together. Throughout the conference, we will assess global energy markets and the inherent geopolitical consequences to volatile supply, demand, and price.

Throughout our discussions, we will look for the bright spots, unanticipated opportunities that can shift our global puzzle paradigm to the optimistic.  Throughout, we will explore the interplay between global and US markets, policy, and politics. Finally, on our last day, the Rocky Mountains’ critical and influential piece in the Global Energy Puzzle will be examined. We will focus on technological advancements, solidifying a long-term and stable regulatory structure, and preparing tomorrow’s visionaries to lead an oil and gas industry committed to efficient and responsible operations, authentic public engagement, and effective policy.


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