4 Reasons You Should Utilize SPOC
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4 Reasons You Should Utilize SPOC

Posted on May 15, 2014 by Drew Franklin

Sensorless Pump Off Control

Wyoming Oil PumpThe Sensorless Pump Off Controller (SPOC) from SPOC Automation is an innovative, industry-changing product that can improve production and lower operating costs of oil, gas and CBM gas wells, even over wells with traditional pump off controllers.

SPOC software resides in the SPOC Automation IronHorse drive and requires no external sensors, wires, load cells or other field devices. SPOC uses technology that analyzes the motor’s rotor relationship to the stator to determine the load and position. As with traditional pump off controllers, pump off is determined when the load is reduced at specific positions.

With SPOC, you can establish high load limits and adjust intra-stroke speeds to maintain those limits. Unlike traditional pump off controllers, SPOC gives you text messages on the VFD keypad showing problems such as pump off, parted rod, leaking valve, high load and minimum load, even shutting down if conditions warrant. All this data is available via ModBus RTU as read and write values. SPOC allows you to monitor, control and fine tune the drive/pump off controller at the well site or by using telemetry and SCADA systems.

Increased Production

  • SPOC varies the strokes-per-minute (Beam Pumps) or speed (PCP & ESP’s) to match the well productivity. Eliminating downtime reduces pressure on the reservoir, allowing more flow into the well.
  • In heavy oil, SPOC automatically varies the strokes to reduce rod float and increases up stroke to maximize production.
  • SPOC adjusts strokes-per-minute to compensate for well productivity.
  • SPOC will work on Beam Pump, Progressive Cavity Pump and Electric Submersible Pump applications.

Lower Energy Consumption

  • Traditional pump off controllers run at a higher speed and then shut down. SPOC varies the speed within each stroke to reduce mechanical stress and cut electrical consumption.
  • SPOC can reduce energy consumption on by 10 to 15 percent over traditional pump off controllers.
  • Our drives with SPOC have reduced energy consumption by 30 to 35 percent over wells without pump off controllers.
  • IronHorse drives with SPOC reduce peak demand charges. Because SPOC varies its strokes or speed to match production, eliminating the need to shut down, it reduces the motor overall speed. The IronHorse drive package with SPOC can slow the motor to preset minimum speeds, or the customer can choose to shut the unit down. Speed reduction, combined with overall efficiency gains, has reduced the demand for energy.Iron Horse Internals

Lower Capital Cost

  • SPOC can be installed in less than 25 percent of the time needed for traditional pump off controllers.
  • SPOC requires no external sensors (load cells, prox switches, etc.) that fail over time.
  • SPOC increases the entire system’s efficiency. When our engineers review your application, in many cases we can reduce motor, cable and transformer size.
  • IronHorse drives with SPOC will replace the standard pump panel and requires no additional field sensors or equipment.

Fewer Mechanical Failures

  • SPOC decreases speed during peak mechanical loads in each stroke (on beam pumps) by as much as 50 percent.
  • Since the pump runs at an overall slower speed, it suffers less wear and fatigue over time.
  • SPOC does not shut down during pump off, but rather slows down; this prevents sand, iron sulfide, etc. from falling back onto the plunger.


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