Commitment. Passion. Loyalty. There is a reason we’ve been able to help clients succeed
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Commitment. Passion. Loyalty. There is a reason we’ve been able to help clients succeed

Posted on December 18, 2018 by SPOC Automation

One thing we’ve always taken pride in at SPOC is how many of our best team members have been with the company for many years. We value loyalty, of course. We’ve worked hard to build a company that rewards the people who move us (and our customers!) forward with new and bigger opportunities.


This year, we created a new recognition that honors our team members for their longevity — their commitment to our company, to our people and to our customers.

The simple truth is the longer you work in an innovation company like SPOC, the deeper you understand the problems facing our customers. And the better you become at creating innovative solutions to those problems.

We honor that experience with the Dedication Awards:

The First Anniversary Award is just that. We’ll recognize everyone publicly on the anniversary of their joining the company.

The Silver Award. Team members earn this award on their 5-year anniversary. After 5 years, someone has pretty much seen everything that might happen in a business. And their experience is invaluable to the whole team.

The Diamond Award. Team members receive the Diamond Award on their 10th anniversary with the company.

The Platinum Award. Finally, we have the Platinum Award, to celebrate team members on their 20th anniversary. This is such a big deal, we will reward each person who reaches this incredible milestone with a trip, anywhere in the world.

Like we said, we value loyalty. We value commitment and dedication. And we are honored to recognize these members of our team this year.


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