Jason Gimeno Named Sales Manager at SPOC Automation - Canada
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Jason Gimeno Named Sales Manager at SPOC Automation - Canada

Posted on May 16, 2018 by SPOC Automation

Jason Gimeno has recently been named as SPOC Automation’s newest sales manager. He will be based out of Calgary, Canada.

Prior to joining SPOC, Gimeno was responsible for the expansion of a 

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well-renowned geomatics engineering company into eastern Canada, and accelerated growth of a start-up horizontal directional drilling engineering company.

In the past, he has served as a consultant for Pembina Pipeline Corporation influencing industry practices and regulatory with his application of vortex induced vibrations theory on pipelines.

“Jason Gimeno is going to be a great fit for our team at SPOC Automation,” said Bobby Mason, President of SPOC Automation. “His experience within the oil and gas industry in Canada is extremely valuable and we are thrilled to welcome him to SPOC.”

Gimeno’s primary responsibilities will be focused on business growth and advancement of brand recognition in Canada in alignment with the company’s overall strategic plan, leveraging the success and growth in the marketplace.

Gimeno received his undergraduate degree in engineering from the University of Calgary.

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