KIOGA Convention in Wichita, KS
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KIOGA Convention in Wichita, KS

Posted on July 29, 2014 by Drew Franklin

SPOC Automation will exhibit at this year’s KIOGA Convention in Wichita, KS. Make sure to stop by booth #69 to view the IronHorse demo trailer. The KIOGA Convention will be celebrating its 77th year as Kansas’ largest energy trade exhibition on August 17-19, 2014.


Independent oil and natural gas producers are nonintegrated companies which receive nearly all their revenue from production at the wellhead.  Independents are in the oil and natural gas exploration and production business and are not major integrated companies who also refine and market petroleum end-products.  Independents account for 93% of the oil and 63% of the natural gas produced in Kansas.  Nationally, independents drill 90% of domestic oil and natural gas wells and produce over 80% of America’s oil and natural gas. (**source: KIOGA website)

We hope you can join us at this year’s association meeting. The SPOC team will be at the show with our new “WiseGuy 2.0″ on display.  Optimizing well performance is about to get a lot easier, thanks to advances in production automation.

Learn more about automation in the oil & gas industry (Click to view the AOGR article)

Automation has already improved problem detection and avoidance, giving field personnel data, control and built-in logic. Recent innovations in multiple-stream communications, mobile phone application-like touchscreen interfaces, and standardized control systems can now deliver a step-function change in well optimization performance.

Simply by detecting problems early, automation reduces repair and maintenance costs, improves safety, protects the environment, extends equipment run times, and keeps production on line to keep revenues flowing. It can identify potential reservoir issues and producing wells headed for failure. It prevents manual work whenever possible and avoids bad decisions based on insufficient data.


Change in the oil and gas industry is as constant as the sun rising in the east. Every year, we learn new techniques for lifting product from the ground more efficiently and for lower cost. At SPOC Automation, we are passionate about sharing our insights, our hard-earned lessons with our channel partners and our customers. Here, we'll discuss new innovations in lifting technology and all of its many applications.

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