Lift Up: Working to make a good company great
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Lift Up: Working to make a good company great

Posted on December 13, 2018 by SPOC Automation

Every great company has a purpose. A reason to be. ‘To make money’ is rarely a powerful enough purpose to drive a company to greatness.

We spent a lot of time thinking about greatness this year. We were fortunate to grow. A lot. (Side note: we work with some of the best distributors and producers in the oil & gas industry.) But rapid growth can be as dangerous to a company as too little growth. We became increasingly important to define our purpose — to tell both our employees and our customers why we exist, what we believe, what we stand for.  

It comes down to a simple phrase: Lift Up. When we do our jobs well, both our people and our customers have a chance to thrive. We can:

Lift Up each other. Every job in our company is important. That means every person is important.

Lift Up our company. When we fulfill our challenge, we make our company more secure, more profitable. We create opportunities for everyone in the company to thrive.

Lift Up our customers: When we fulfill our purpose, we lift up every producer that uses our product. We make it easier for them to pump more and pump more profitably.

Lift Up our country. Energy is one of the great drivers of the world economy, of national security, of modern life as we know it. When we meet our challenge, we make access to energy cheaper and easier, which ultimately reduces our dependence on foreign sources. It makes us stronger as a country.

Ambitious? Absolutely. No great thing was ever done without enthusiasm and ambition. We made a little film about our purpose to share these ideas with our employees and our customers. We hope you enjoy it.



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