Never Lose Equipment Drawings Again
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Never Lose Equipment Drawings Again

Posted on May 12, 2017 by Miller Coop

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Imagine driving to the field with the task of servicing your VFD. You make it to the pump, open the drive’s door and start searching for the drawings—nowhere to be found. You scan the enclosure, hoping that the last person didn’t accidentally carry them away.

And then if you’re lucky, you find them -- wet, muddy and torn, in the bottom of the pan.


And that’s a good day. More often than not, the schematics are missing, which means taking the time to seek phone support for what should be a routine task.


SPOC listened to our customers who faced this issue and then solved it once and for all. Now, all SPOC schematics are printed on heavy weather-resistant paper and affixed to the inside door panel. Our drawings are better protected and always located in the correct place.

Part numbers, descriptions, and dates are included on the drawings, and now the drawings are inseparable from the drive enclosure. Since they’re permanently mounted, there’s no longer a worry they’ll “walk off the job” once the work is done.

You’ll like SPOC’s quick and permanent reference for understanding your equipment. It was a simple solution and it’s been a big hit in the field. And it shows we’re listening and responding to our customers’ needs.

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