Simple or Not Simple: Injection Pump Controls
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Simple or Not Simple: Injection Pump Controls

Posted on March 25, 2015 by SPOC Automation


Simple is almost always better. It certainly is when it comes to injection pump control. Using a fully integrated drive system reduces total cost, speeds on-site installation and improves reliability.

The key components of an injection pump system are:

  • Pump
  • Field signals
  • Drive
  • Controller
  • SCADA communications

There are several ways to simplify installation, operation maintenance and total cost.

  • Integrate at the factory. By tying all the components together off-site you minimize the time required on-site. The pump will be running sooner, and expensive field service time is minimized.
  • Test at the factory. The drive system and communications should be thoroughly tested before shipment to the pump location. Only site specific testing should be done on-site. Again, the pump will go online faster.
  • Use a drive package. A drive package bundles the drive, controller and communications in a single integrated unit. That is simpler. It is pre-integrated and tested. It may have a smaller footprint. It does not require a separate installation services for the logic and the drive, so it saves time and cost. The system is more reliable because one vendor is responsible for all drive system components.
  • Call one service company. Simplifying the configuration also simplifies maintenance. When there is a problem it is clear who should be called. This results in faster service.

Take a look at the initial costs for traditional component-based systems versus an integrated drive system. In addition to being simpler, fully integrated systems cost less.



Traditional component-based

Integrated Drive System




Field Signals



Variable Frequency Drive



Logic Controller (PLC)














On top of the initial savings, an integrated system is very likely to provide additional savings when maintenance is required. Both downtime and repair costs will be minimized when you know who to call and they know how to address the problem. Simple is the way to go.

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