South Texas Oilfield Expo 2015
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South Texas Oilfield Expo 2015

Posted on July 06, 2015 by Drew Franklin

SPOC Automation will be exhibiting at this year’s South Texas Oilfield Expo. We would like to invite all customers and vendors to visit us at our booth space during the event. The company will be displaying the IronHorse series drive unit for demo and Q&A session.

Maximize production: IronHorse drives, with the sensorless pump off controller (SPOC), allows you to slow your beam pump automatically at pump off, rather than stopping the motor and shutting down the well. IronHorse features a self-teaching mode that runs the pump at optimal speed for each well’s inflow rate to maximize production.

IronHorse extends the life of the equipment and in most cases, increases production, maximizing the return on your investment. In the event your well does not produce enough inflow to keep producing a slower speed, then you simply set the SPOC software up to stop like traditional pump off controllers. What’s more, there are no costly and easily damaged sensors or load cells to install on the pumping unit.


How secure is well data? Well Optix gives you complete control over your oil and gas production. It instantly alerts you to changes in well conditions, allowing you to maintain maximum production. Well Optix collects extensive production data on every well allowing you to make intelligent production decisions which results in a more profitable field. It also enables more proactive field management, allowing you to focus your resources where they are needed most.

Well Optix is a SCADA package that monitors your oil and gas wells 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That’s what Well Optix does, of course, but what it means to your business is more important. Finally, Well Optix is powerful, yet simple, giving you a clear vision of your overall production from any Internet-connected device.

Learn more details about the expo here.



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