SPOC Automation expands Canadian footprint

SPOC Automation expands Canadian footprint

Posted on August 31, 2015 by Drew Franklin

We are excited to announce that SPOC Automation has acquired KJ Controls as of Feb. 20, 2015. We could not be happier with becoming part of the SPOC Automation team. Over the last decade we have developed a great relationship with the SPOC Automation team and it became evident that the company’s cultures aligned. Together we hope to bring additional products, service, and automation solutions to our customers.

The entire SPOC Automation team would like to thank you for your past and future business. Our goal is to provide products, services and solutions that will help them “spend less and produce more”.

We are thrilled about the prospects ahead as we blend the considerable talents and technology of SPOC Automation. With the collaboration of more than 500 combined years of controls and automation experience in our company, ultimately, our success comes from helping you succeed. We take pride in the products and services that we provide and we look forward to continuing our business relationship with you.

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