SPOC Automation featured in recent issue of Shale Play Water  Management
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SPOC Automation featured in recent issue of Shale Play Water  Management

Posted on September 23, 2015 by Drew Franklin

The Benefits of Real-Time Automation for Your Water Management Process

Well-planned automation systems help operators gain efficiencies in control, energy use and maintenance.

The volume of flowback and produced water returning from wells is dramatic and presents unique challenges to production operations. Automation solves many of these challenges, centralizing pump control and gathering key data points for each tank and disposal well. Anywhere access ensures 24/7 availability to data.


With the dramatic increase in unconventional plays, water management has become a significant element in oilfield economics. Fracking jobs in unconventional plays routinely put ten times the fluid downhole as was in conventional plays. As much as 250,000 barrels of fluid is used during completion for each well.

The flowback from these wells is often high volume, varying by play and even by well. As much as 40% of the initial volume—100,000 barrels—returns to the surface. Produced water flows from the formation along with hydrocarbons throughout the life of the well.

Automation plays a key role in optimizing movement and disposal of flowback and produced water, ensuring no overflow or under-utilization conditions. It is invaluable in ensuring and reporting compliance to pressure and rate requirements. Through automation, great efficiencies can be gained in control, energy use and maintenance.

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