SPOC Automation Launches 'Revelation' Pump-Off Controller
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SPOC Automation Launches 'Revelation' Pump-Off Controller

Posted on August 30, 2018 by SPOC Automation

TRUSSVILLE, Ala., -  SPOC Automation announces the launch of a new product, 'Revelation,' a pump-off controller. This pump-off controller uses pump cards, a graphical representation of the pump loads, and analyzes the information collected to make decisions, run diagnostics and optimize settings for those in the oil and gas production.

Traditional pump-off control technology has been static for years. Revelation shakes up the status quo by removing the barriers created by existing complex legacy pump-off control technology. It improves the field operator's experience and the production engineer's data requirements with a powerful, yet easy-to-use pump-off controller. It will be offered standard with SPOC Automation's renowned service and support.

"As an innovation company, we strive to find ways to increase production, while lower lifting costs for our oil and gas customers," Bobby Mason, President of SPOC Automation, says.  "We do it by developing automation equipment and collecting field data that will enhance the profitability of our customers' wells. Revelation's greatest innovation is that it is easy to set up and delivers far more real-time information on the performance of a well in a clear, easily readable format."

Revelation provides down-hole pump and surface cards, as well as trend data of pump fillage, rod load, and polished rod horsepower. The data is exportable locally or via SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) and the information collected can be used to dramatically improve a wells' performance.

"Working around peak-demand times with information collected with the Revelation pump-off controller could potentially save our customers thousands of dollars," Mason says. "Revelation is changing the way those in the oil and gas production avoid peak demand charges- when power costs can make pumping unprofitable."

There are multiple options for pump-off control with Revelation, which streamlines pump-off set points from specific load and stroke points or based on pump fillage. It also allows those in the oil and gas industry to configure downtime and consecutive strokes with just a few easy touches to the interface screen.

Revelation pump-off controllers will be offered in a stand-alone enclosed version and integrated with SPOC's IronHorse rod pump variable frequency drives. For more information about Revelation, visit: http://spocautomation.com/product/revelation/.

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