SPOC Automation Offers WiseGuy VFD Interface
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SPOC Automation Offers WiseGuy VFD Interface

Posted on July 08, 2013 by Drew Franklin

BIRMINGHAM, AL (July 8, 2013) SPOC Automation has introduced the next generation of its WiseGuy variable frequency drive interface.

The company says this interface makes it easy for oil field personnel to manage operational parameters for the associated SPOC VFD for pumping applications, resulting in increased production, energy savings, longer mechanical life and greater pump efficiency.

WiseGuy anticipates and resolves common pump control issues and provides an app-like color touchscreen interface. The interface also supports multiple simultaneous SCADA interfaces for remote monitoring and updates.

The WiseGuy makes it easy to set VFD parameters, monitor performance and modify it as needed. Its touch screen uses colors to differentiate parameters outside the norm and identify shortcuts to datasets such as trend and fault data.

“Automation is key to maximizing production and minimizing operational costs,” points out Robert Mason, SPOC Automation president. “WiseGuy combined with our standard VFDs streamline pump management by handling common problems, presenting a standard operator control view across an entire field, and providing the information needed to make good decisions.”

*News excerpt from Industry Focus: Companies, People and Products.  American Oil & Gas Reporter – June 2013



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