SPOC Automation Releases New Variable Speed Drive Software Development for Progressive Cavity Pumps
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SPOC Automation Releases New Variable Speed Drive Software Development for Progressive Cavity Pumps

Posted on September 09, 2012 by Drew Franklin

BIRMINGHAM, AL (July 5, 2012) SPOC Automation released a new VSD software development designed to make progressive cavity pumps more efficient, more productive and more profitable.

“Working with users, OEMs, and pump field technicians, we designed the entire program, and specifically the user interface, to be easier to use for oil field professionals,” Ted Wilke, vice president for SPOC Automation said. “The interface speaks in the specific language of the PC pump. We allow you to set up the system with just the basic information on motor nameplate, power head gear ratio, and maximum rod torque. You don’t need lookup tables, use a spreadsheet, or a calculator. The system is simpler and more relevant to the end user, helping to more efficiently control the pump.

“This system is easier to use than any product on the market, even for people with no experience operating control systems,” Wilke said. “It’s functionally powerful, but just as importantly, is designed to speak in terms that are relevant to a PC pump operator.”
One unique aspect of SPOC’s PC pump application is its ability to operate with an optional sensorless pump off control system. Pump off controls allow operators to automatically slow the pump when a well hits pump-off conditions rather than shutting down entirely. SPOC’s controls help eliminate backspin and the significant problems associated with it.

“When you consider the application of a typical PC pump, having to shut down the well costs considerable time, money and energy. We’ve seen wells backspin for as much as eight hours, costing thousands in lost production.”

SPOC Automation builds world-class artificial lift controls and well automation solutions for the oil and gas industry. They engineer and package “oil field ready” artificial lift automation products that increase production, lower lifting costs and save energy.
As the largest independent artificial lift controls manufacturer in North America, they apply decades of automation experience to your artificial lift equipment or process to make products that help you know more, produce more and spend less.

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Ted Wilke, Vice President
SPOC Automation

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