SPOC Automation featured in BHM BIZ for partnership with CommuteSmart
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SPOC Automation featured in BHM BIZ for partnership with CommuteSmart

Posted on October 23, 2017 by Miller Coop

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Do you ever sit in traffic on a long commute to your office and think, ‘there has to be a better way to get to my job?’

Many of SPOC Automation’s employees use CommuteSmart daily to tackle the issue of longer commutes. CommuteSmart Birmingham is an organization that seeks to improve air quality and reduce traffic congestion by working with individuals and employers to reduce the number of drive-alone commutes. 

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The program utilizes incentive programs and maintains a database of program registrants to support shared commuting.

Since 2012, 27 SPOC Automation employees have registered with the program, resulting in: 957,659 vehicle miles reduced; 479 tons of pollution reduced; 38,002 gallons of fuel saved; and more than $75,000 in fuel costs saved. This includes employees that were both ‘carpooling’ and ‘vanpooling’ through the program.

SPOC Automation was recently featured for these efforts with CommuteSmart in BHM BIZ magazine, a publication that digs deeper to introduce key people and businesses that drive Birmingham’s economy.

Bobby Mason, SPOC Automation’s CEO, said in the article, “The benefits of using the CommuteSmart program have been clear. It has helped SPOC utilize our existing real-estate footprint and reduced the need to relocate our plan to a new site for several years. The program has improved consistency of the team member’s time schedules and fostered great team camaraderie among participating employees. All the SPOC team members involved in the program are pleased with the experience, benefits and cost savings.”

To learn more about how you can also take advantage of CommuteSmart locally, visit www.commutesmart.org/birmingham or call 1-87-RIDEMATCH.

For more information about SPOC Automation’s partnership with CommuteSmart, check out the article from BHM BIZ below.

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