SPOC Introduces the HPS Series Drive (June 24, 2011)
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SPOC Introduces the HPS Series Drive (June 24, 2011)

Posted on June 24, 2011 by Drew Franklin

Trussville, Ala., June 24, 2011—SPOC Automation, the largest independent artificial lift controls manufacturer in North America, is proud to introduce the oil and gas industry’s most comprehensive, logic-controlled injection pump control package: the HPS Series Drive.

After nearly three years of research, development and field testing, SPOC is delivering a simple, integrated and cost-effective answer to a pump operator’s problems. The days of confusion are gone; the HPS drive has incorporated powerful control logic to conveniently integrate all inputs, relays and controls inside one panel, making system operation simpler and more effective. The HPS drive also minimizes expenses by decreasing the mechanical wear and tear on the machinery, reducing costly downtime and repairs, and saving energy.

“If  your  H-pump, Triplex or other pumps are operating on across-the-line starters, then peak demand charges from utility and energy consumption can cost you thousands of dollars,” said Bobby Mason, founder of SPOC Automation. “Running the pump at the required speed to maintain the optimum pressure or tank level, rather than simply using full speed on/off control, reduces energy costs and puts less stress on your pump system.”

SPOC not only developed a high performance and reliable drive, but they also incorporated an easy way to control the system. The WiseGuy HP is SPOC’s user-friendly interface that controls and comes standard with every HPS drive. And as with all of SPOC’s drive solutions, it is packaged for harsh environments with solar load shields, heat exhaust systems and several stages of surge protections.

“Electrically, we can make a pump do anything you could ever want it to do. But we are still faced with the overlaying problem of the industry: most field operators are not drive technicians,” Mason said. “We incorporated all of the complex data and settings into one easy-to-use screen.” This touch screen allows monitoring of a wide range of features, including tank levels, vibration sensors, intake pressure and discharge pressure—all from one location, and usually without having to ever touch a button.

The HPS drive can control your H-pumps, Triplex, saltwater disposals and injection wells, as well as various pumps and applications. For more information about the HPS Series Drive or any of SPOC Automation’s products, call (205) 661-3642 or visit www.spocautomation.com.


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