SPOC’s Well Insight SCADA becomes finalist for innovation award
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SPOC’s Well Insight SCADA becomes finalist for innovation award

Posted on September 24, 2013 by Drew Franklin

TRUSSVILLE, AL — Verizon Wireless Technology Innovation Awards has named SPOC’s Well Insight as a finalist for the Central Alabama region. The 2013 Verizon Wireless Technology Innovation Awards (“the Contest”) is in search of the most innovative implementation of Verizon Wireless technology in small to medium sized businesses operating in Central Alabama. 

Well Insight is a SCADA package designed to perform remote monitoring, historical data acquisition and control of artificial lift and other oil and gas field applications. Well Insight uses 3G/4G cellular or satellite based data connectivity at the well. It provides full access to well conditions and production information from any Internet connection, including mobile devices. You also have the power to communicate with, and based on security access, even make changes to your artificial lift controls. Well Insight supports any field device that communicates by ModBus TCP or standard ModBus protocols, including all current and legacy SPOC products.


“One unique feature of Well Insight is the amount of production data it can trend for one well or across an entire field. It will trend historical data from current time back to the moment the well was connected to Well Insight,” said Kimberly Early, Sales & Marketing Manager of Well Insight. “Additionally, you can view data on a sliding scale from seconds to up to five years at a time, simply using a drop down menu.”

SPOC Automation’s Well Insight will trend production optimization data on your well, providing data 24/7, so your well data is always available to you instantly. With this remote monitoring software, you can make production notes about significant events, keep current logs on well equipment and set email or text alerts to notify you when conditions hit your specified thresholds.

“Communications with the system are cellular and satellite based. Packages can be installed on your SPOC VFD in the factory, or can be retrofitted in the field,” said Bobby Mason, President of SPOC Automation. “Well Insight greatly reduces your SCADA infrastructure and allows you to monitor wells in remote locations from any Internet connection or mobile device.”

Well Insight’s polling feature lets you know instantly how up to date your data is and how much time has elapsed since you last polled. You can select, print and send reports through email. Well Insight gives you two ways to access your data: a visual map view or in a spreadsheet format.

“We’ve invested heavily in our own custom cellular network and our own IP addresses to give you more security over your data and more control over your wells,” said Mason.

Verizon-Innovation-logo.pngSince the release, Well Insight has provided engineers unprecedented look into well production all over North America (See more about product release).

The winner of the Verizon Wireless Technology Innovation Awards will be announced October 24, 2013 at the Birmingham Marriott during the awards luncheon.

How can Well Insight help improve your automation performance? Learn more at www.welloptix.com


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