Thinking and Hiring Outside the Box Makes Our Business Better
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Thinking and Hiring Outside the Box Makes Our Business Better

Posted on July 24, 2017 by Bobby Mason

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Companies everywhere are learning the value of a diverse workforce, there’s another aspect of diversity that’s less discussed but vital to business success: diversity of thought.

While businesses are encouraged and often mandated to recruit an “inclusive” workforce, smart companies look beyond basic categories to ensure workers bring a breadth of experience and perspective to the table. That’s because when leaders surround themselves with others just like themselves, they may gain assent but they won’t gain the collaboration and challenging dialog that grows the business.

To illustrate my point: If you take everyone from company X and hire them into company Y, you end up with nothing more than 2X. And what good is that? The world is full of 2X businesses that are predictably the same. Our purpose and our passion is to distinguish ourselves from the pack.


There’s one thing at SPOC you’ll never hear: “that’s the way we’ve always done it.” From the production team members to service technicians to engineers and the management team, each one of us looks for better ways to do business, and that ultimately benefits our customers.

Thought diversity is a bedrock belief at SPOC Automation. While we recognize there’s a large pool of talent within our industry (and we certainly have some of the best on our team), we’ve intentionally sought experts in other fields-- the automotive industry, HVAC, the steel industry, the armed services, conveyer systems, foundry equipment manufacturing, nuclear power operations, compression industry and industrial distribution, just to name a few. We take best practices from over a dozen diverse trades and apply them to the highly focused artificial lift controls and automation industry.

With our diverse pool of talent selected from variety of industries, we’re able to design, engineer, manufacture and successfully deliver to market distinctive automation solutions. We have patents pending on several processes and products, and that’s a testament to our multi-talented individuals and the way we bring to bear these resources to craft a superior product.

Experience has taught me that there is both an art and science to the business of automation -- the science part lies in engineering principles, and the art lies in taking those pieces of technology and combining them for innovative solutions.

With more than 50,000 SPOC variable-frequency drives in use in the oil and gas industry, we know pretty much all there is to know about the science of pump control and automation. To complement that bedrock knowledge, we intentionally nurture the art—with employees who think outside that literal and proverbial “SPOC box.”

Focusing on the art as well as the science may be atypical for a highly technical business. But I believe it’s made our business better, and I believe our customers are the benefactors of our “diversity of thought approach” to solving their issues.

If you’d like to learn how SPOC’s diverse team can add value to your business, I invite you to give us a call today at 844.SPOC.VFD or email us at

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