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We’ve made a few changes around here. You should come see us.

Posted on January 03, 2019 by SPOC Automation

We did a little renovation on our house this year. Sometimes growing quickly presents bigger challenges than not enough growth. We added a fourth building to our complex, which we use to store inventory, freeing up production space in our other buildings.

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What you believe will eventually show in what you do

Posted on December 20, 2018 by SPOC Automation

This past year was an important year for our company. We grew. We made more drives and served more clients than the previous year. But we did something else that might be even more important.

We decided to put down in writing the core values that define what we believe and will guide us in the future. We grew this year, a lot. We added a number of talented people to our team. We expect that we will grow even more in the coming years. We felt that it was critical, as we grow, that everyone who joins our team understand the soul of this company, so that together we work toward a common goal. 

Our leadership team spent a lot of time talking about these ideas.

There was a lot of debate. We might have argued some. But in the end, we came to 100 percent consensus on five ideas.

Committed. We are dedicated to completing our work the right way, on time, every time.

Caring. We respect and care about our employees, our customers and our suppliers. We invest resources to make them better.

Passionate. We are competitive and motivated to succeed. We take pride in helping our customers win.

Solutions Focused. We are an innovation company. Creatively, we solve challenging problems in the best way.

Gratifying. We believe work should be fun and we enjoy delivering world class products for our customers.

But the best way to understand what a company believes in is not to read their corporate documents. It’s to watch the behavior of its people. At SPOC, our core values are not just words on paper. They are beliefs that we live out every day.

So this year, in addition to formalizing our values, we decided to create awards that honor the members of our team who embody these values every day. A few weeks ago, we recognized three extraordinary people. And maybe the most extraordinary thing about each of them is that they would tell you they are only doing their jobs.

Randy Nelms. Randy is one of our earliest employees. He sets high expectations, for himself and everyone on his team. He expects people to work their hardest, to be honest, and to give our customers more than they expect. He is just a rock-solid individual, both personally and professionally. 

The thing you notice first about Jake Hinkle is his attitude. He approaches every task, every job with great enthusiasm. He is eager to learn, and most importantly, he cares about giving his best to every challenge. We’ve challenged Jake often and he always rises to the challenge.

Oren Arzad has an equally winning attitude. He is driving to be the best in everything he does, both personally and professionally. That’s why he’s been an Olympic athlete and why he is one of SPOC’s champions.

Looking at these three people, we can confidently say that we’ve been fortunate to attract great people to our company. Without doubt, that’s the biggest reason for our success and the success of our clients.

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Commitment. Passion. Loyalty. There is a reason we’ve been able to help clients succeed

Posted on December 18, 2018 by SPOC Automation

One thing we’ve always taken pride in at SPOC is how many of our best team members have been with the company for many years. We value loyalty, of course. We’ve worked hard to build a company that rewards the people who move us (and our customers!) forward with new and bigger opportunities.

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Lift Up: Working to make a good company great

Posted on December 13, 2018 by SPOC Automation

Every great company has a purpose. A reason to be. ‘To make money’ is rarely a powerful enough purpose to drive a company to greatness.

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Jason Gimeno Named Sales Manager at SPOC Automation - Canada

Posted on May 16, 2018 by SPOC Automation

Jason Gimeno has recently been named as SPOC Automation’s newest sales manager. He will be based out of Calgary, Canada.

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Pat Nichols Named Operations and Logistics Manager at SPOC Automation

Posted on March 06, 2018 by SPOC Automation

Pat Nichols has recently been named as SPOC Automation’s Operations and Logistics manager. He will be based out of the Trussville corporate office and will be primarily responsible for management of the company's operations, supply chain and logistics.

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Justin Woodrum Named Electrical Engineer at SPOC Automation

Posted on January 22, 2018 by Miller Coop

Justin Woodrum has recently been named as SPOC Automation’s newest electrical engineer. He will be based out of the Trussville corporate office.   

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SPOC Boxes Set the Standard for Drive Enclosures

Posted on June 23, 2017 by Miller Coop

Maybe the world can be divided into two kinds of people: those who patch problems and those who create solutions. If that’s the case, the people at SPOC Automation fall squarely in the second category.

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Cable Machine Automation Cuts Production Time

Posted on May 01, 2017 by SPOC Automation

For several years, SPOC has made use of a machine to cut control wire. Since we build all our products to order, high-volume throughout has resulted in efficiency gains, enabling us to deliver drives faster than anyone else in industry. With this machine we’ve been able to control length, cut straight, and reduce wiring errors and potential arc hazards.

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Ever Wonder Why Automation Companies Don’t Publish Pricing?

Posted on November 03, 2016 by Bobby Mason

“How much does your drive cost?”  It’s the one question we hear all of the time, on the phone, in the field, during customer presentations and even at trade shows. 

It’s a logical question, of course. With Google, we can ask any question and we’ve come to expect immediate answers. I’m sure you’ve done product searches where the site you visited gave you product information, specifications, features and maybe even video’s explaining all the benefits of their products, but pricing information was strangely absent. It’s a frustration we’ve all felt.

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