We’ve made a few changes around here. You should come see us.
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We’ve made a few changes around here. You should come see us.

Posted on January 03, 2019 by SPOC Automation

We did a little renovation on our house this year. Sometimes growing quickly presents bigger challenges than not enough growth. We added a fourth building to our complex, which we use to store inventory, freeing up production space in our other buildings.


We also made a few small changes to our training facility. And by small, we mean we totally reinvented the space. The room serves two primary purposes. We train (new and old) employees here. We teach them the SPOC way, as it were.


We also training our customers here, as well. While our new space may not rival Mission Control in Houston, it does incorporate some awesome technology that allows us to connect experts around the country to enhance our training. Throughout the room, we’ve told the Lift Up story, in words and images — to reinforce not just what we do, but why we do it.


Because when we fulfill our mission, we lift up each other, our company, our customers and our country. Yes, we take what we do very seriously.

We’ve no doubt that you will enjoy coming here and your time will be even more productive.


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