What’s the big deal about harmonics?
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What’s the big deal about harmonics?

Posted on May 13, 2014 by Drew Franklin

Solutions to Harmonics Issues

As more drives and other electronic devices are introduced into the power grid, harmonic drive compliance becomes a bigger concern each day. SPOC Automation has the system expertise and product knowledge to solve your harmonics issues.

We focus on the entire system and can provide the low harmonics drives to get your system running reliably, efficiently, and in compliance with IEEE519 and EN-6100-3-2.

We can perform system studies for new or existing systems, and harmonic measurements to help you get a baseline of your current power quality. Using harmonic modeling tools, we can help you evaluate different scenarios and supply you with the right products that will help you run in compliance with the harmonic standards, with the highest reliability, and at the right cost.

We manufacture every type of low harmonics drive, utilizing every technology available.  This helps you get the product that best fits your needs.

The Active Front End VFD is SPOC’s recommended approach for minimizing harmonics in fields where all lifting is done using variable speed drives. This technology is electronically based instead of magnetically based, as older technologies are. It meets the IEEE519 under every scenario and all loading conditions, regardless of voltage imbalance or source impedance. It is so advanced it can actually correct for low voltage conditions from marginal systems and correct power factor within the electrical system, saving you money. We have years of experience in Active Front End Drives, and can do systems from 1HP to 2000HP at 480V.

BEFORE: A study of this system provides the baseline of the current power quality.


AFTER: Once SPOC provides low harmonics drives for this system, it runs reliably & efficiently.


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